30 January 2020

ACV22: A Crash Course on Machine Learning, Where AI Fits Into Healthcare, And More (Dr Chris Lovejoy, Doctor / Machine Learning Programmer, Part 2)

Chris Lovejoy is a Junior Doctor dedicated to changing the medical industry though tech and education. Alongside his Medical career, Chris has worked with Cera Care, a technology-enabled homecare company which uses machine learning to identify and predict health risks among the elderly population to allow early intervention.

Chris runs a blog (https://chrislovejoy.me/), YouTube channel and online courses on applications of Machine Learning in Medicine. He is currently taking a year out of Medical practice to complete a Masters in Data Science and Machine Learning at UCL.

Dr Chris Lovejoy gives a brief crash course on Machine Learning, as well as his opinion on whether AI can replace doctors.


  1. AI vs Machine Learning – Artificial Intelligence is a computer that can perform functions that would require human intelligence. However, its rules and operating procedure is pre-programmed. Machine Learning however, learns its own rules by being presented with a number of different inputs, which allows it to identify patterns.
  2. Technology such as AI is very good at doing a discrete task, but not much else. General professionals however, have the background expertise to identify abnormalities, and the discretion to investigate further before coming to a decision. Therefore, doctors would not be replaced by AI – instead, it would likely become a powerful tool in their arsenal.
  3. Changing your career path doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve wasted your time – Chris notes that the meta skills he developed in studying and training in medicine equipped him with skills and experiences that he believes will benefit him in the future, even if he doesn’t return to healthcare.


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