Hi friend! I’m Paul.

I’m currently working as a junior doctor in Singapore. I know, a pretty stereotypical job, right?

Well there’s a good chance that if you’re reading this, then you’re like me, working a 9-to-5 job. But whilst there’s absolutely nothing wrong with traditional employment and aspiring towards professional careers, you might also be like me, wondering what it would look like to go off the beaten track.

What would it look like to make a living off something that you’re passionate about, such that work doesn’t feel like work?

Are there careers that are actually feasible, which we struggle to conceive because they are so far outside our comfort zone?

How do you hold down a side-project or hobby outside your 9-to-5 job? How do you grow something in your spare time?

Is it a distraction, or can what you learn benefit you even if the project doesn’t work out?

Just how risky is it, really?

Yes, there are plenty of books and articles out there about how to dream big, earn a passive income or turn your interest into the next big startup. But many doubts and questions still remain, especially coming from an Asian perspective where the tried and tested route of gunning for a professional career and sprinting down that yellow brick road still rules.

I think the only way to bridge this gap is to speak to those who have done just this – those who tried something different, accepted the risk and took the path less traveled.

I want to find out how they did it, because far too often we inhibit ourselves because we don’t know how to get started.

I want to trace their journeys, because I think we’ll start thinking ‘hey I might be able to do that’ when we break down awe-inspiring achievements into the many little steps that led there.

At the heart of this project is a belief that any one of us is capable of doing this. That it’s easier to pull it off in our internet-enabled generation than ever before. It’s also a personal challenge to go beyond my traditional career path and push myself out of my own comfort zone.

In a world where technology is quickly challenging our ideas of what work looks like, we could do with more creators. More innovators. And definitely more artists.

We start by speaking to those who have gone before. Welcome to the Alternative CV Podcast!

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