21 November 2019

ACV12: How To Write A Book (Ow Kim Kit, Lawyer & Author of ‘Delicious Heirlooms’)

Ow Kim Kit is a Singaporean lawyer and author of “Delicious Heirlooms”. She has also written many legal articles and commentaries in newspapers and leading industry publications. When not eating or researching old-school restaurants, she juggles between a busy banking & finance legal practice, family and finding the elusive solution to counter middle-age weight gain.

Ow Kim Kit has managed to work as a partner in a busy law practice and simultaneously write a book about Singapore’s food heritage. We discuss writing, time management, and the challenges facing multi-generational family run restaurants.


  1. Going back to this concept of ’system’ (check out Episode 2 with Ali Abdaal, where we talk about this more) – when undertaking any large project, especially if it’s on the side, it helps to break it down into smaller chunks and targets that you can aim to hit on a weekly or monthly basis
  2. We break down the process of publishing a book from 18:55 onwards and go into the step by step process. Pitching to publishers, choosing the right one, writing, editing, launch events and publicity – we cover it all. Helpful to listen to if you have a book idea!
  3. For these restauranteurs selling Singaporean cuisine, it’s really not an easy task trying to adapt with the times (from changing consumer tastes to embracing new technology) whilst staying true to the cultural roots / cooking methods / flavours that give their restaurant its unique identity. I have newfound respect for them. And I agree, we should support these restaurants; lest they become a footnote in history.


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