A Special Announcement

Dear Wonderful Listeners,After much deliberation, I have decided that I will put the Alternative CV podcast on pause for a short while. This is for a couple of reasons:1. The COVID situationThese are definitely unique circumstances for all of us. At present, my base, Singapore, has gone into an effective lockdown - all non-essential services have stopped, all gatherings are banned and people have been told to stay indoors. Many other countries are in a similar (if not more severe) lockdown situation. Meanwhile, the number of infected cases in Singapore continue to rise - I remain hopeful that we will turn the corner soon, but I don’t think we are there yet.Amidst all this, it’s become increasingly difficult for me to keep my promise to you to deliver high quality content every week. My focus is presently on my full-time day job, where I am treating COVID positive patients. The 12h shifts have been relentless and rather draining, and given that what’s most important to me is that each episode that I produce is educational and high quality, I have decided to put this podcast on pause until I can pick it up again in a meaningful way.