Episode 1


How to overcome fear, put yourself out there and get started


Ali (twitter: @AliAbdaal; instagram: @aliabdaal) is a junior doctor who graduated from Cambridge University in 2018. Alongside his day job saving lives, he has a YouTube channel with over 300,000 subscribers and runs a business that helps students get into medical school. He also writes weekly articles about productivity, education and technology.

Welcome to episode 1 of the Alternative CV podcast. In this episode, I get started on my podcast, and I talk to Ali Abdaal about the concept of getting started on things.

3 Things I’ve Learned

  1. Ali’s trick to growing his Youtube channel from 0 to >250k subscribers. He started simple, but constantly strived to make his videos incrementally better each time.
  2. Why some people suffer from burnout, and how to balance this against consistency. Ali introduces this concept of ‘hustle vs chill’ – examine your overarching motives, and think about whether it is the right decision to just hustle as hard as you can. What are you sacrificing? Is it worth it?
  3. How to overcome the fear of starting something new and putting yourself out there. In a nutshell: share something educational/valuable to the world.

Here are links to some of the references we make in the podcast:

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